Saturday, 29 March 2014

Avon Opal Top Coat - Advanced Swatches

Last week I decided I needed to do a wider range of "Swatches" for the Opal Top Coat from Avon so here it is!

Dark & Moody...

Pastel and Bright...

Natural & Neutral...

This was last weeks:

What do you think it looks best on?
What do you want to see it against?

Lots of love,

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Avon Opal Top Coat review and Barry M Aquarium Mermaid Revue

OK I need to do a review on the opal top coat by it's self but they're both quite jazzy.

I did 2 coats of each but I think the opal looks best with just one coat....

Read on to see two coats of Avon's Opal and  Barry M's Mermaid.

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Barry M Aquarium Collection - Pacific and Mediterranean Review

I'm not normally a shiny girl but I saw these colours on another blog I was mesmerised so ofc I had to do my own review.

There are the three coats, it was still a little patchy on the second hence the third.
Love them both. I think I have too many polishes!

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Cutsie design with Barry M Grey, Pink and Shany stamping

So I wanted something with grey and pink ans had this triangle idea im my head.
On the first hand I tried changing stamping pattern as well as the colour but I think this left to much going on.
On the second hand I used the same stamping design twice and it looks much more effective.
I will update soon and let you know which stamping plates I used.
Having trouble with my Blogger recently and can only up date from my phone.
Peace and love,  Pink_PrincessZ xxx

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Birthday Mani - Shany Cosmetics Stamping - SH52, SH07

So this was a super quick mani I did for my Birthday last Wednesday... It was my 21st if you couldn't tell!

So this was using a Barry M Polish Berry IceCream I got from the girls at work and a Shany Stamping Set from one of my bezzies...


I really love the Geometric Design, it's from a brand called Shany, plate SH25 and the numbers come from SH07. Not too sure how I feel about the Numbers as they remind me of an American Football Jersey? But I did really like this mani.

I think that the Geometric shapes would look at lot Better on a Neon Colour so I will be retrying this out at some point, I really like that pattern though! I will do a post about my Birthday goodies soon!  

Peace and Love, Z .\/..

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Birthday Mini Haul: Barry M & Shany Stamping

So here is what I got for my 21st Birthday which was last week, I have a quick mani that I am posting on Thursday as well...

From left to right:
Barry M - Mint Green/ Strawberry I/C /Berry I/C
Shany Stamping Nail Art kit SH Image Plates-02

Looking forward to reviewing the Shany Stamping Kit as there's loads of different Patterns, very Impressed with it so far!

And loving my Pastel Barry M's always great for Spring, will be interesting to see how the Strawberry I/c applies as I always find baby pinks a bit flakey so will let you know very soon...

I will post pictures of the Shany Collection over the next couple of weeks x

Peace and Love, Z .\/..

Monday, 10 March 2014

Barry M Silk - Mist Review & Shany Cosmetics SH01 Plate

So my blogger has been playing me up, so the next few posts will be out of sequence.

Anyway this is the Barry M Silk - Mist.
I really like blue's and as far this goes it is beautiful and rich? in a weird sort of way, I'm not sure how a baby blue can be rich, but it is it's Elegant...

Essentially it is a Matte Metallic, I don't have many (if any) metallic in my collection so haven't played around using a Matte top coat, but I think this is Worth a Purchase on colour alone.

My only problems with it would be Application, this is the second time painting it, and if I was going out out I would probably have waited to put a third coat on top as it is still a bit patchy in places...

and below is a picture of some me having a quick mess around with Shany cosmetics SH01 plate...

My 3 Month Polish Buying Ban is Finally Over...

So I went to my nearest Superdrug, which is only tiny, and saw the new Barry M Silks, ding! Purchased Mist right there and then, next on my list was a red, all the reds in my current collection are getting on a bit to say the least...

I think that this Rasberry is a touch darker than what I was looking for but I will wait to swatch it before I make the finally cut... I have also ordered something from Avon...

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Loving Nails - Stamping with Bundle Monster BM11♡

Going out for my mums Birthday dinner I wanted something fairly sophisticated but cutsie so...

For the sophisticated touch I opted for a Red from No.7 and then choose this really cute design out of my Bundle Monster pack Plate BM11 for 2 accent nails. I then did a Barry M Red Glitter topcoat on the other nails...

I think I have finally got better at stamping Although one or two nails might be a bit dodgey... but I think I was actually pressing the stamping rubber down to hard on the plate so it was squishing the polish out rather than picking it up!

I've been a bit busier recently with various projects non nail related but I am hoping to do more short but sweet posts like this, showing you stamping plates and giving you ideas.

Hope you're well.
Peace and Love Z .\/..