Thursday, 27 June 2013

No. 7 - Lemonade Crush Summer Nail Art Design

Going away this weekend and have picked to wear Summer Design No.7 Lemonade Crush.
I used Barry M Station Road for the lemon, AND I LOVE IT! Every time I use this polish I love it more and more, its pastel with a punch so great for this Summer...
Then I used Essie Blanc (recommended by Kelli from 'the nail polish challenge') for my accent nail with a coat of Barry M Pink Iridescent to give it a bit of fizz!
This is the first pic I've posed holding a nail bottle if you couldn't tell ha ha! Comment below and let me know what you think :-D
World Peace .\/..
(P.S I'm going to do my tootsies in No.12 Neon Accent Design very shortly...)

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

No. 9 - Blingy Thing Summer Design ++ Old Leopard Print

?Short post about design No.9 Blingy Thing, I did this design ages ago for the first time I went to Ministry of Sound in London.

As neon is in this summer this really suits the party girls, if you want to tone it down you could take off the diamantes or only have one nail with stripes. I think I used a Miss Sporty varnish for the pink and a detail brush that was already in white varnish (don't know which brand); My green nail in Neon Party was meant to come out more like this.

(Apologies for the  gloomy pics, on my old phone)

Above is my hand detailed leopard print that I also did, haven't posted as a summer design because it's so over done but I hope you appreciate my use of more neutral colours!

My challenge for tonight is deciding on a design for my nails before heading Up North to meet the better half's family, definitely going out Saturday and potentially on Friday but undecided on what nails todo!

Take a look at my summer designs and suggest one for the weekend and let me know what you think about design No.9!

World Peace .\/..

Monday, 24 June 2013

23rd June - Sunday Experiments

Sunday the day of the rest -  I just wanted to mess about and find the best way to create effects for some of my Summer Designs.

This is me messing about for the No 13 - Strawberries and Cream Summer Nail Design. The pink is cute and girlie, but I think I need to make the 'Seeds' a bit smaller as it looks like a Mr Blobby Nail!
The red is a bit harsh, so am going to riffle through my collection and try and find something a bit less harsh... Let me know what you think? My mum thought it was the perfect colour...
Or maybe I should try a neon pink...?
Follow me to see the end result and comment below with your opinion!
This is me playing about with the Barry M Croc Effect in Burgundy. I feel a bit cheated really, it's just like the Gold Crackle they do, without the texture, and it looks nothing like the design on the lid. Present day I'm sure they could scan the effect and then pretty it up?
I do really like it over the white (Essie Blanc) but it doesn't sit well on top of the greens, which was the idea for Martini Nails...
What's your favourite? Do you like the effect?
Comment below and let me know what you think.

Hope everyone had a great weekend, try and resist those Monday blues!

World Peace .\/..

Sunday, 23 June 2013

No.2 Neon Party - Summer Design

So I learnt somethings last night like Barry M stains and the diamantes I bought react with my top coat.
So the stripes you see below were meant to be white... the varnish was dry so I didn't think to put a top coat on before the detail but lesson learnt!
I also picked up some cheap diamantes yesterday and when I used nail glue to apply they went cloudy,  and when stuck on top of varnish and covered with top coat they also went cloudy!
I should just YT this but if anyone has hints or tips for diamantes please let me know!
Hope everyone's having a good weekend, let me know what you think :-D

World Peace .\/..

Saturday, 22 June 2013

No.6 - Sea Side Summer Nail Design

So still haven't found the white caviar to do my Bumble Bee Nails but have done No.6 Sea Side design!
Went into town to buy Essie Blanc for doing whites, as recommend by Kelli, and mum offered to buy me a varnish so I got the Barry M Burgundy Croc, so expect the Martini Nails up soon :-D
[Excuse the rough blog on my phone will edit tomorrow. Getting ready to go out now but will post my Neon Party Nails in a bit!]
Let me know what you think,  worried they're a bit high school...

World Peace .\/..

Friday, 21 June 2013

15 Summer Nail Art Designs

Got home last night and couldn't find the nail caviar, so I'm currently wearing the 'Neon Party' (design 2) base waiting to add detail for night out tomorrow!

I was planning to do Bumble Bee nails (design 1), but in the mean time I have sketched out some Summer Designs that might inspire you, feel free to use! I will hopefully be bringing some of these creations to life this weekend...

My question for bloggers today is what White Nail Varnish do you recommend?
Please comment and let me know your recommendations and let me know which designs you like!

World Peace .\/..

(P.S Sorry for shadows!)

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Summer Fashion: Where is the Yellow?

Bright colours are in, yay! But I've got a real crush with canary yellow and lemon at the moment. There are a few bags out there but it is a night-mare colour co-ordinating with any shoes, unless they are highheels, which I don't wear to work and I wouldn't want to drive in...

So where is all the yellow? I have seen some pumps in the Office sale that are really cute in the sale, but I am stuck on the hand bags. If you know any shops sharing my yellow love affair please

Today I have just bought some yellow Barry M - Station Road but it's a textured effect which I stupidly didn't realise before purchasing. I also picked up a Gelly Pink to qualify for a Limited Edition Neon Green :)

So tonight I am going to pick up some Bourjois yellow Nail varnish and do with white caviar tips or might do some daisy's! I will post the nail art tonight or tomorrow but in the mean time leave me a comment and let me know what colour your in love with this summer!

World Peace .\/..

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Short Train of Thought: Is pink hair taccy?

So I declare myself a Pink Princess, but my hair is not pink and whilst I remain pretty faithful to pink varnish or the french manicure I like to change my nail colour a lot.

Would I be willing to dye my hair pink though? If I love pink that much? I always have a fear that it would come out looking really taccy.

Some one like Nicki Minaj can rock the pink hair, but she's an entertainer and she's meant to have bold looks, I think I might get a few looks walking down the highstreet if my hair was bubblegum pink.*

My main concern would be professional, how many people would take you seriously in an office/business environment if you had candy coloured hair. 

Let me know what you think and whether you have ever been discriminated against for having a bold look...!

World Peace .\/..

*I would also get looks if I wore her outfits down the highstreet, but I would love that on a nightout!

About the blog and a question for visitors?

So I have just started the blog today, and what kind of blog will this be I hear you ask.

Hopefully short, sweet and filled with anecdotes, my trains of thought, comments on news items, some of my whacky dreams and if anyone gets curious enough I guess I'll answer questions...

So I have started off by following 4 fellow 'Princess' bloggers and will continue to scour high and wide for Princess bloggers as there's got to be more than 4... surely? and I want to read and be read by like-minded people, but I have noticed they review quite a lot of things... which I probably won't do 'cause I'm far too chatty.

Anybody girly, or with opinion and wit I will probably follow you too and I appreciate  anybody commenting on my blog posts.

Anyway, being new I have a question how did you all grow your followers and how do you pick who to follow?

World Peace .\/.. 

(One of the first Pink Roses from my mums garden this year)

Princess-ism - A brief intro to me!

OK, hands up I'm not a real Princess, I've just adopted it myself, even my dad didn't call me princess (not that I minded, I was a right tomboy)! I use to hate pink until I realised it's the most soft, warm and inviting colour in the planet (apart from a deep rich purple)!

I would also be a major embarrassment to any royal family if I was a Princess, I'm still fine tuning the Ladies etiquette; however the things that do make me a princess are the Tiara on my desk (which was a deal breaker), the fact my boyfriend calls me Princess, my Pink Tiara at home (or should I say palace).

So that's how I chose my name, I am not the only Pink Princess apparently, but I like to think I'm unique!

Anyway I hope you liked my brief intro and will carry on reading my blog,  it's mainly going to be nail art/polish etc etc... but I'm sure I will have the occasional out burst on another topic!

World Peace  .\/..